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Key to the Garden

Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad


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It is now forty years since this book was written, twenty since it was translated into English, and twelve since the translation was first published. The issues that had caused the author so much concern at the time have become, without exception, all the more pressing today. The need to convey the Islamic concept of Tawhid to the world at large in clear unequivocal terms has been and shall remain a Muslim's first duty. Now that there is renewed worldwide attention towards Islam, it has become even more urgent to convey its core concept, without which there is no religion: The Oneness of God.

Key to the Garden is an elaborate exposition of Prophet Muhammad (s) teaching that the inner life must pass through three stages: affirmation of faith with the tongue, then the mind, and finally the heart. The Muslim Testimony of Faith, that there is no deity save God, is at once the essence and the highest principle of Islam. This book is a demonstration, by one of the greatest recipients of the Prophet's heritage of knowledge, of how the whole spectrum of Islamic thought and worship unfolds naturally from these few words.


Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad




Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad was one of the most powerful scholarly influences in East Africa. He was born in the town of Qaydun, Yemen in 1907. An erudite scholar and guide, he dedicated his life to the study of Islam.

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"Concise and really straight to the point"

2019-10-05 04:31:33

I must admit to wanting to read the book for a number of years but I held back so I could get an Arabic version instead. Which I never could locate so reluctantly I brought the translation. I was shocked that it only took me two days to read, which is quick even for my standards.

The book is concise and really straight to the point. It does not waffle or beat around the bush. It goes straight into the core of the matter and deals with the subject. From doctrine to proofs of God to a chapter on Jihad, which is very well explained.

I would recommend this book for anyone to read. It is a little short but there are some powerful words here.

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"Very easy to read and understand"

2019-10-03 04:30:50

I found this book to be very easy to read and understand. Would recommend it to anyone interested in Islam. I had been trying to read the Quran for myself as well as other books on the subject. This book affirmed my need to seek spirituality and guide those that I am responsible for towards The Garden.

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"It is more of a treatise for a mature"

2019-09-21 04:30:09

This book is useful, but a little wordy. It might not be useful for someone who is not a Muslim or is new to Islam. It is more of a treatise for a mature Muslim who wants to revisit the basics and be confirmed in his views during a time when his faith is being attacked. I read this with a Shaykh in the Hijaz. One can read it fairly quick and there is always benefit in reading a book from Imam Haddad. It might be of interest that even a Sufi Shaykh emphasises the importance of Jihad in Islam. However, if you have to make a choice which book to read. I would recommend Ayyuhal Walad from Ghazalli. Same concept, shorter and more to the point.

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