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The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity

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Unlock the key to your productivity via the much-awaited podcast with international speaker, author and coach, Mohammed Faris, who talks us through his bestselling book: "The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity". Harnessing his extensive experience as founder of – an online social enterprise that has attracted over a million online followers, Mohammed deftly guides us through his three pillars of productivity and advises us on how to manage our time in an age of distraction. Ultimately, Mohammed aims to help urban global Muslims live the best versions of themselves – spiritually, physically and socially.

This procrastination-free podcast also features a special interview with Instagram expert, business coach and entrepreneur, Hafsa Taher, who tells us how she has benefited from the Productive Muslim philosophy, while offering listeners some life-changing advice.

Presenter: Remona Aly
Producer: Thomas Glasser

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