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'Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah
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'Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah


One of the outstanding Muslim scholars of the 20th century, Shaykh Abu Ghuddah was a leading scholar in the field of hadith and HanafÏ school of Fiqh. He studied in Syria and Egypt specialising in Arabic language, Hadith, Shariah and Psychology. He had many prominent teachers, among them Shaykh Raghib al-Tabbakh, Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad al- Zarqa, Shaykh Isa al-Bayanuni, Shaykh Ahmad al-Kurdi, and the renowned Ottoman Scholar Imam al-Kawthari. He taught Usul al-Fiqh, Hanafi Fiqh and Comparitive Fiqh at the University of Damascus. He also taught at the King Saud University and Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University.


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