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Distributors and Stockists

Here at Claritas Books, we are passionate about maintaining strong, reliable relationships with all those we work with. We work intently on upholding our expertise of in-depth knowledge, with regards to our publishing, retailers, and buyers.  

From smaller exclusive booksellers, to those more prominent, we are dedicated in ensuring all our products gain effective promotional publicity, thus allowing us to initiate sales, and expand our audiences and target markets.

Claritas Books have a diverse selection of titles available for adults as well as children, and our sales teams can help you with catalogue information, and promotional materials. Furthermore, our sales teams are happy to aid and advise where necessary, on specific custom marketing of our titles for your retail business' needs.

At Claritas Books, we are always looking for collaborations with new retail customers worldwide. For more information, contact us on or +44 (0)1792346227