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Nabeel Al-Azami
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Areas of interest
Leadership, Muhammad and Murabbi
Other notes

Nabeel Al-Azami


Nabeel Al-Azami was an award-winning HR and leadership specialist. He was the Founder and Managing Partner at Murabbi Consulting which specialises in values-based HR, ethical leadership development and people-centred strategy. His career spanned areas such as leadership development, talent management, performance, strategy, values and culture, conflict resolution, and employment law. He has been listed as a leading global leadership trainer by the OIC’s Islamic Development Bank (IDB). He was a trustee of Citizens UK, former Head of Global HR at IR Worldwide, as well as former HR Business Partner and Analyst at Ford Motor Company (UK & Europe Division). He went on to professionally qualify from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Nabeel Al-Azami completed his Bachelor’s degree in Management and his Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Manchester (including Manchester Business School). This is the author’s first major leadership publication, drawing on his research and professional experience over the past twenty years. He passed away in August 2019 leaving behind his wife and three children.


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