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Ibn al-Jawzi
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Ibn al-Jawzi


Ibn al-Jawzi Ali b. Muhammad Abu al-Farash b. al-Jawzi was born between 507–12 H./1113-19 CE to a fairly wealthy family in Baghdad. Imam Ibn al-Jawzi was an Arab Muslim jurist, preacher, orator, heresiographer, traditionist, historian, judge, hagiographer, and philologist who played an instrumental role in propagating the Hanbali school of orthodox Sunni  jurisprudence in his native Baghdad during the twelfth-century. Belonging to a wealthy family, which descended from Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, Ibn al-Jawzi received a very thorough education during his adolescent years, and was fortunate to train under some of the most renowned Baghdadi scholars, including Ibn al-Zaghuni (d. 1133), Abu Bakr al-Dinawari (d. 1137-8), and Abu Manṣur al-Jawaliki (d. 1144-5). By 1179, Ibn al-Jawzi had written over one hundred and fifty works and was directing five colleges in Baghdad simultaneously. It is important to note that part of Ibn al-Jawzi's legacy rests on his reputation for having been one of the most prolific writers of all time, with later scholars like Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 1328) studying over a thousand works written by Ibn al-Jawzi during their years of training. Imam Ibn al-Jawzi died on the 12 th of Ramadan 597 AH/16 th of June 1201 in Baghdad, Iraq.


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