Mimar Sinan: The Greatest Ottoman Architect

Mimar Sinan: The Greatest Ottoman Architect

Husain R. Banna


148 pages / Published: 2022


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Mimar Sinan: The Greatest Ottoman Architect explores the life and works of arguably one of the greatest architects of all time - whose work has inspired countless others and left an indelible mark on the world. So much so that his work captivated the mind, heart and spirit of the book’s author, Husain R. Banna, when he was just 10 years old.

This short, comprehensive biography started off as a summer research project for Husain, who quickly became fascinated by Mimar Sinan (1489 - 1588).

The 148 page, full colour, hardback book contains 10 case studies of Sinan’s work, as spotted and researched by Husain, who lived in Istanbul, Turkey for two years.

The book offers an ideal introduction to Sinan, featuring newly commissioned pictures and illustrations. It also contains a foreword by Simon Allford, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Ian Ritchie, CBE, one of the UK’s leading architects.

The book is published by WhiteMango Books.


Husain R. Banna


United Kingdom


Husain R. Banna lives in London, UK and is currently a Year 7 student at Chigwell School, an independent school in Essex established in 1629. Husain spent two years living in Istanbul where he became fascinated with the architecture of the 16th- century Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.

In addition to his interest in architecture, Husain is passionate about mathematics and mangoes and enjoys calligraphy, kickboxing, archery, and cryptography.

He has visited sixteen countries and has swum in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. With this debut book, Husain becomes a third-generation author in his family, as both his father and grandfather are authors.

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