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Pain and Passing

Islamic Poems of Grief & Healing

Joel Hayward


196 pages / Published: 2017


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Written with rawness, honesty and pathos, these poems embrace the pain and heartbreak of loss and mourning and reveal the acute spiritual questioning that even devout believers inevitably experience.

Written each day as the outpouring of a heart torn open by painful loss, this collection unfolds in a sequence that coincides with the stages of grief and healing. With deep spiritual insights, Hayward's beautiful poems shine a light on something often hidden away within Islamic discourse; the pain of loss and the wounded soul's pleas to God for explanation, restoration and solace.


Joel Hayward


New Zealand


Joel Hayward is Professor of Strategic Thought at the National Defense College of the United Arab Emirates. His former posts have included being the Director of the Institute of International and Civil Security and the Chair of the multidisciplinary Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Khalifa University (UAE) and the Dean of the Royal Air Force College (UK). He is the author of many books and peer-reviewed articles.


Pain and Passing










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"A great work... full of widsom... highly recommended."

2018-02-12 17:23:56

Much has been written about loss and pain, but I have yet to read something that even comes close to this collection of poems by one of the most extraordinary poets I have ever met. Dr. Hayward is a multifaceted scholar of the highest caliber, and his genius and skills become quite vivid in these beautifully written, deeply reflective,
and highly emotional verses. Having gone through such challenging times, the author offers the reader personal insights and practical approaches that are refreshing and consoling, and which give great hope to the mournful heart. Pain and Passing is a highly recommended work of art for anyone seeking answers to deeper questions about life and death, but also about the process of grieving and healing.

- Flamur Vehapi, author of Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

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"Poignant and uplifting"

2018-02-21 10:40:19

There is nothing can alleviate the pain of losing a beloved one, and inevitably, all words and expressions in describing that person or expressing the pain and sadness of the passing will be sincere, splendid and beautiful regardless of the sadness that wrapping them, for the fact that such words effused from the heart. This is what you feel and touch through these poems, at the same time; you will find solace and patience for such a misfortune. I ask the Almighty to inspire Professor Joel with great optimistic poems, after inspiring him with these magnificent poems of passion and sorrow.

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"Extremely moving"

2018-02-25 07:11:14

By reading this book I felt the author and poet brought his own experiences to life. There is a poem for almost every moment. Words that change darkness into hope, that somehow capture the times you spent with the one you love.

He brings a chuckle, a belly laugh, and releases the tears. I think Joel has the gift of observation. When you are grieving and don't know what to say turn to Pain and Passing.

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