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The Productive Muslim

Where faith meets productivity

Mohammed Faris


240 pages / Published: 2017


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Ever wondered if there's a practical way to lead a productive lifestyle that combines the best of Islamic tradition and modern psychology and science? In The Productive Muslim, Mohammed Faris, the founder of, provides this practical framework that helps urban global Muslims lead a productive lifestyle – spiritually, physically and socially.

Combining his love for Islam with modern productivity techniques, in this book, Mohammed will teach you:

  • How to spiritually book your productivity
  • How to manage your sleep, nutrition, and fitness
  • How to be socially productive outside your home and community
  • how to manage your focus in an age of distractions
  • How to build productive habits and routines
  • How to manage your time and invest in your hereafter
  • How to be productive during Ramadan


Mohammed Faris




Mohammed Faris is the founder of – an online social enterprise dedicated to boosting productivity in the Muslim world. He's an international speaker, author and coach and has delivered many public workshops in cities around the world. In 2014, Mohammed was added to the list of 500 Most Influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center of Jordan.

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"Sustainable personal development"

2018-02-20 11:12:23

Maa shaa Allah tabaarak Allah, incredibly insightful! Best enjoyed as part of the Productive Muslim Academy Book Club.

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"Superb Book"

2018-02-20 11:11:09

An excellent book with practical tips which can transform a person's daily life. The author is able to explain difficult concepts like Taqwa and tawakkul in an easy way. You will learn many techniques of how to easily implement the Quran and sunnah into your life.

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"Best book there is"

2018-02-20 11:09:34

A well-structured and very easy book to read, it is definitely one I will reread regularly! All of Mohammed Faris' work collected in an easy to navigate book with real-life practical action points to really get your productivity in full flow!

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