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The Barakah Effect

Mohammed Faris


450 pages / Published: 2023


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In an age of relentless hustle and overwhelming busyness, what if there's an ancient key that unlocks more while doing less? Enter Barakah – the divine multiplier effect, a spiritual conduit to abundance in every facet of life.

With a blend of traditional Islamic knowledge, modern-day research, and insightful anecdotes, this book stands as the first practical guide on the concept of Barakah in English.


Mohammed Faris


United Kingdom


Mohammed Faris is the founder of – an online social enterprise dedicated to boosting productivity in the Muslim world. He's an international speaker, author and coach and has delivered many public workshops in cities around the world. In 2014, Faris was added to the list of 500 Most Influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center of Jordan

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The Barakah Effect










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The Glory of Iqbal 1877-1938

"Barakah in daily life"

2024-04-08 06:37:15

This book is thoughtfully structured with clear headings, summaries, and practical tips, making it accessible and engaging. It offers valuable insights into reclaiming barakah in daily life, with memorable stories and actionable advice.

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"Great read and practical tips"

2024-04-08 06:37:13

I feel like this book is written so nicely in a way that there are clear headings and tables and stories. Loved the way it just broke down the content into sizeable chunks to keep me interested and focused.

Had some chapter summaries too so you don't have to read the whole chapter, you can look at summary and then read more in depth. Tips were always highlighted, loved the quotes between chapters. You can skim through the book if you don't have time to read everything or aren't much of a reader (although now it's available as audible too)

Understood the reason barakah is lost in our lives but to be able to read it in such a direct way was like a shock to me and to use those tips and tap back into your spiritual life.

Loved reading about the stories, some of which I had forgotten after listening to them as a kid.

I have already started implementing bismillah and intentions to bring in barakah in my actions.

Overall, a great read and practical tips to implement in your life.

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"Phenomenal Book"

2024-04-08 06:37:09

One of the exceptional books I have come across. The author deep dives into the secrets of tapping Barakah. More can be achieved with less.

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