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The Superiority of Dogs

Ibn al-Marzuban


104 pages / Published: 2017


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This collection of stories and poetry was inspired by a conversation in 10th century Baghdad between the collector and a friend.

Between them they contemplate the declining moral standards of the human race and sigh with nostalgia for the good old days, when one could depend upon the loyalty and friendship of one's fellow beings.

Having promised such a collection to his friend, Ibn al-Marzuban launches with enthusiasm into his task.

Quotations of the famous are followed by anecdotes and stories which in turn give way to an apposite poem – all either decrying people for their evil ways or illustrating the fine qualities displayed by their best friend the dog, Viz. Including its loyalty, guarding instinct, consistency, intelligence and its capabilities as a hunter.


Ibn al-Marzuban




Muhammad ibn Khalaf ibn al-Marzuban was a philologist of Persian origin who died in 921 CE (309 AH). He was a scholar of hadith, poetry and the Quranic sciences. In addition to writing Kitab al-Hawi in 27 volumes, he also translated more than fifty works from Persian into Arabic.

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The Superiority of Dogs










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"Very easy to read"

2019-07-11 04:12:49

I found the book very easy to read, and it even bolstered my interest in further learning about Islam. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Islam regardless of your level of knowledge. An ideal gift to all dog lovers. A good way rto draw them to Islam.

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"This is an excellent book "

2019-07-07 04:12:10

This is an excellent book that is both thought-provoking and accessible. Being an Asian and our understanding of dogs, I highly recommended this book to my fellow countrymen.

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"The book is in two parts"

2019-07-05 04:11:31

The book is in two parts. The first part condemns humans for their cowardice, greed and disloyalty. The second commends dogs for their bravery, selflessness and loyalty.

The author quotes poets and relates stories to support these contentions.

The editor/translator includes an introduction on the author and a discussion of Muslim religious rulings and attitudes regarding dogs.

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