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The Barakah Effect: More With Less

In a world that teaches us that if we have more, we’ll be more, why do we still feel insufficient? What is missing?

We are plagued by Hustle Culture, working longer hours, buying advanced gadgets, and wearing the latest fashion, yet we remain unfulfilled.

Mohammed Faris’ groundbreaking book powerfully reintroduces the ancient wisdom of Barakah and masterfully juxtaposes it with modern-day realities.

The Barakah Effect fuses traditional Islamic knowledge, pioneering research, and compelling stories to take you on a deep dive into the expansive implications of Barakah on your personal and professional life.

This book illuminates the vital role of good intentions, the importance of seeking Allah’s help, the power of gratitude, and the virtue of patience.

Learn how to live a life centered on serving your Lord, cultivate a gardener's mindset that combines ambition with contentment, navigate challenging family dynamics with grace, and leave a legacy that outlives your earthly existence.

Learn how to be more with less… with The Barakah Effect.

This should be required reading for Muslim professionals in all careers. A truly impressive account and an excellent analysis! A tour de force of a book for anyone looking for the path to comprehensive success in their professional endeavors, as people of faith.

Imam Dr. Khali Abdur-Rashid

Muslim Chaplain of Harvard University, USA

Mohammed Faris has re-discovered a vocabulary and grammar with which Muslims aspiring to lead more productive lives may use to formulate their goals and communicate their mission in ways that are authentic to their faith. He presents not just an antidote to the soul-crushing rat race we all face, but a systematic, holistic and life-changing solution towards harmonising dunya work (in whatever field) with a focus on akhirah.

Ibrahim Tahir

Wardah Books, Singapore

The Barakah Effect unveils a universal reality, revealing a practical approach to a spiritual law. In a contemporary world where the unseen and the sacred has become a seemingly distant fiction, Mohammed Faris helps demystify a tangible spiritual truth that can be witnessed and evidenced in our everyday lives. This book is not only essential reading for reconnecting us with our innate sacred relationship with the Divine Reality, it offers a simple and clear guide to implementing ancient wisdom within our perceived mundane lives. The poignant concepts and steps articulated within the pages of this modern manual ignite a literal paradigm shift in how we view success and productivity.

Dr. Abdallah Rothman

President of the International Association of Islamic Psychology

5 things you need to know about The Barakah Effect

Deepened Understanding of Barakah

Discover the core Islamic concept of Barakah, which can transform everyday experiences and relationships by bestowing a sense of divine abundance.


The Power of Intentions

Grasp the essence of why and how intentions are pivotal in guiding actions and decisions in Islam.


The Contrast of Barakah and Hustle Culture

Understand the stark difference between a divinely guided lifestyle and the modern emphasis on constant hustle.


Practical Application of Islamic Wisdom

Learn actionable steps to infuse spirituality into daily life, merging faith with routine tasks and choices.


Building a God-Centric Life

Transition from ego-driven decisions to a life centered around serving God, laying a solid foundation for the new Muslim journey.

What's inside The Barakah Effect

Spanning fourteen chapters, the book unravels a manifesto, each representing a distinct principle of the Barakah Culture.

  • Unearth the profound difference between Barakah Culture and the prevailing Hustle Culture.
  • Delve into the powerful role intentions play and the spiritual intelligence required to engage daily with your purpose.
  • Reimagine a God-centric life, understanding servitude to both the Creator and His creation.
  • Immerse yourself in the Gardener Mindset, cultivating patience, focus, and trust in God’s divine plan.
  • Reflect on the potency of parents’ blessings, and the legacy that outlives one's existence.
  • Remind oneself of life’s transience and the importance of aligning with eternal purpose.
  • And, traverse the life of Prophet Muhammadº, understanding the blessings and abundance that surround him.

Dive in and let the Barakah transform you, guiding your life towards more with less.

In an age of relentless hustle and overwhelming busyness, what if there’s an ancient key that unlocks more while doing less? Enter Barakah – the divine multiplier effect, a spiritual conduit to abundance in every facet of life.

With a blend of traditional Islamic knowledge, modern-day research, and insightful anecdotes, this book stands as the first practical guide on the concept of Barakah in the English language.

About the author

Mohammed Faris is an executive coach, author, and speaker known for fusing spirituality with personal and professional development.

He’s the founder of The Productive Muslim Company — a faith-based training and coaching company, and author of the best-selling book, The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity.

His latest book, The Barakah Effect, encapsulates years of research, training and coaching on living a life of Barakah for individuals and teams.

It offers readers a renewed perspective on how to live more with less.