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Claritas Books releases a new book on Halal Branding by Professor A.J. Jonathan Wilson PhD

“What the Halal is going on?” asked Professor Wilson, when speaking to an audience of 5,000 marketers in Jakarta, Indonesia… then the room burst out laughing.

“You Halal certifiers are always arguing over stunning chicks”, was the way he broke the tension between two professionals, locked in an argument about the permissibility of stunning chickens before slaughter, at another conference.

And in London, he told an audience of business professionals that, “The media and experts cite figures of these gazillion katrillion dollar markets, but they say less about how you or I can access these markets practically”.

It was observations like these and others, made while travelling frequently across the globe, researching and speaking about Muslim, ethnic and emerging markets that encouraged him to write a book on Halal Branding, that captures his experiences and answers key questions.

During his 20-year career, Professor Wilson has worked in both academia and industry, spoken at over 100 conferences and published over 200 pieces of work, championing the art in Science and the science in Art. Drawing from his Chemistry degree, MBA in Business, and PhD in Branding, he has built a reputation for being able to ask those questions that stimulate debates and uncover new thinking, concerning the identities and consumption patterns of subcultures, countercultures and minorities.

“I haven’t seen many people attempt to explain the business of Halal and Muslim-influenced interactions, then offering practical guidance – and even less in a way that mirrors how social media now encourages us to blend quicksilver conversations, which jump between facts, analysis, jokes, and creative expression. For me, the issue of addressing race, religion, and politics head on, whilst trying to build authentic and emotive brands, is no longer a business taboo. It’s what I do,” says Professor Wilson.

Aimed at both practitioners and academics, and written in an easy to digest style: Halal Branding is an alternative approach to branding made for today, and designed to enrich conventional brand thought. Professor Wilson presents a picture of how clusters of people, influenced by Muslims and Islam, can build authentic brands and ‘profit from Prophethood’. He advocates an idea of embedding branded lived experiences - stretching Halal beyond Muslim audiences towards intersectionality.

This book focuses on human connections and how to avoid alienation or a feeling of ‘otherness’ in underrepresented groups. It offers a nuanced and fresh approach - blending facts and theories from psychology, philosophy, religion, cultural studies and marketing, with practical examples, tool kits, humour, poetry, infographics, memes, and a touch of creative hip-hop/grunge flair, which harks back to his previous career as a musician.