Halal Branding - Professor Jonathan Wilson

Halal Branding

Jonathan A.J. Wilson


380 pages / Published: 20 October 2018

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Halal Branding is a culturally-centric approach to championing branded lived experiences and intersectionality. Professor Wilson offers a nuanced and fresh philosophical approach - packed with branding toolkits, practical advice and a touch of creative hip-hop/grunge flair, on how clusters of people, influenced by Muslims and Islam, can build authentic brands and profit from Prophethood.

■ It’s written by an expert who has worked in academia and industry for over 20 years

■ It’s for practitioners and academics

■ It’s an alternative approach to branding made for today, even if you aren’t in the Halal space

■ It’s packed with models and tool-kits that you can use

■ It’s written in an easy to digest way - blending facts and theories with practical examples, humour, poetry, infographics, and memes


Jonathan A.J. Wilson


United Kingdom


Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson PhD is an award-winning Academic and Partner of the Business and Brand Strategy firm, Dragonfly Black. He has spent the past 20 years specialising in what he calls the ABCDs of Business and culture:

Advertising, Branding, Communications, and Digital. With a Chemistry degree, MBA and PhD in Branding, he champions the art in Science and the science in Art. Professor Wilson has published over 200 pieces of work, which have led to over 100 conference-speaking engagements across the globe. He has developed a reputation for being an electric, insightful and quick-witted public speaker able to tackle real-world trending phenomena. Professor Wilson has worked internationally with a range of governments, organisations, and university clients on projects in the following industry sectors: halal, travel, tourism, education, technology, media, food, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, finance, professional services, music, and sports. Also, he flies in to deliver corporate in-house training regularly either through Dragonfly Black, or as a professional trainer for Al Jazeera Media Network in Qatar.

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" Pop Culture Makes a Great Halal Recipe"

2024-05-02 03:32:45

I loved the illustrative references to pop music and culture, as well as Prof Jon's demonstrated knowledge of several Asian cultures. The scope of the book is vast and starts a little academic, but the latter half is where the author really cuts his chops using his personality to aptly describe nuances that made it a great read and accurate portrayal of what works in Halal marketing. He's authored numerous articles and, being in the industry myself, I know that he travels widely to speak and give masterclasses on the topic. This is his first effort and I look forward to many more.

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"Great work! "

2019-12-02 05:34:48

In this timely book, when we are bombarded with branding and commercials, its good to know the Islamic perspective of the whole branding idea. Working as a marketer this book has become an indispensable tool for my work. Great work!

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"An excellent book"

2019-11-24 09:39:11

An excellent book, beautifully written, now most definitely one of my top reading list.

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"branding with fantastic advice and tips"

2019-11-17 11:04:19

As a design professional in this field I now have my own copy and would recommend it to anyone starting or already on the journey to understanding Halal branding in the modern context.

The book exceptionally incorporates culture and offers original and trending tool kits for branding with fantastic advice and tips.

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