Claritas Launches Ten New Books!

Claritas Launches Ten New Books!

It’s a busy spring at Claritas Books, where we’re planning to launch ten new books, including the three exciting titles below.

Joel Hayward – scholar, poet, and now, storyteller – brings us a new collection of Islamic short stories in The Savage.

The Conquest of Mecca told from the point of view of Hind bint ‘Utba
A couple’s close encounter with Islamophobia set in the UK
A rug that is not what it seems

This collection of unique, intriguing and powerful stories is highly original, with richly drawn characters, unexpected plot twists and fantastical elements. Readers will be delighted and provoked by these stories, even while engaging with their underpinning moral, philosophical and religious issues.

In Reason & Rationality in the Quran, Dr Ibrahim Kalin explores reason and rationality within the Islamic intellectual context as it was shaped by the Qur'an and developed by Islamic tradition.

Just as we humans are part of a larger reality, our thinking functions within a larger context of intelligibility. Using the plural form, the Qur’an explains its verses to a tribe, nation or community (qawm) who thinks and chastises those who do not use their reason. From disclosing the intrinsic intelligibility of things to intercultural relations, rationality emerges in a network of relations and connections that go beyond the internal procedures of the human mind.

And finally, a book that will help you get your Ramadan prep underway – Fasting & the Month of Ramadan by Sharif Banna. This book is a brief introduction to fasting and the virtues of the month of Ramadan. It outlines all the major aspects and dimensions of this blessed and glorious month.


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