Dear Beloved Son by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Dear Beloved Son by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Dear Beloved Son is an excellent compilation of extremely valuable pieces of advice based not only on theory but on the practical experience and insight of Imam al-Ghazali. Since he presented his disciple with these pieces of advice at a stage in life where he had studied and excelled in all major sciences of Islam, it holds extra significance. He covers topics such as sincerity, knowledge, action, death, da’wah, hypocrisy, time, dhikr and Shari’ah, with delicacy and coherency, so that one is able to grasp clearly the multidimensional facets of a comprehensive Islam.

Containing twenty-four counsels from a father to his son, Dear Beloved Son tackles topics such as knowledge, hypocrisy and companionship. Each chapter is short and concise, offering a reflection on the deen combined with a suggestion you can implement in your daily life. Why not tackle these suggestions from one of the foremost classical scholars of Islam in the new year?

Here is an example of the beautiful writing and iman-boosting content from the twenty-third counsel: ‘Contemplation’.

‘Hear one more thing from me and contemplate about it until you find salvation. If you were informed that the sultan was going to select you for appointment as a minister, know that in the course of this period you would not engage in anything but improving your garments or body, your house or its furnishing—anything you thought the sultan's eye would be cast upon. Now think about what I have indicated to you, for you are quick-witted and a few words are sufficient for you. Did not the Messenger of Allah say: “Verily, Allah looks not to your outward appearances, nor to your actions, but he looks your hearts and your intentions.’

Hear what readers are saying:

‘Inspirational . . . Definitely a five-star book!’ —Imran R.

‘Powerful advice . . . that I can pass onto to others knowing that this is from the Qur'an and the Prophet . . . Would be beneficial to everyone.’ —Ahmed J.

‘Clear, prompt and straight to the point. Love it so much!’ —Mahmood K.

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali was a medieval Muslim theologian, jurist and philosopher of Persian origin. His Tahāfut al-Falāsifa was extremely influential in turning medieval Muslim thought away from Aristotelianism, philosophical speculation and theological debate.


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