Reading: The Superpower All Muslim Kids Need

Reading: The Superpower All Muslim Kids Need

In today’s age of smartphones and social media, we all read more than ever, but we read lower-quality material. Reading books to our children and encouraging them to become readers remains the single most important thing we can do for their success. Why is reading books so important?

Because reading improves literacy and maths ability.
Because reading improves self-esteem and relationships.
Because reading fiction teaches children empathy and improves social behaviour.
Because readers have better relationships and reduced symptoms of depression.
Because Allah said so in the Quran: “IQRA!” – “READ!”

Here are a few tips to raise readers. The fact that you’re on this website means that you're off to a great start!

  1. Fill your house with books
    Make sure you have age-appropriate books in your house. Choose books about things your children are interested in. Kids who grow up around books feel comfortable with books and think of them as allies.

  1. Be a reader yourself
    The old adage that actions speak louder than words is true. Our kids want to be just like us, and nothing will convince them that reading is fun and worthwhile more than seeing Mum and Dad do it.

  1. Talk to them about what they read
    More than anything else, our children want to spend time with us. Creating opportunities for quality time around books will make your children eager to read a new story so they can Dad and Mum all about it.

  1. Make traditions around books
    For example, have Ramadan-themed books that only come out during Ramadan. Or gift your child the same number of books for the year they’re turning on their birthday. Or reread specific books at special times of the year.

  1. Get them an e-reader
    This generation of kids loves gadgets. Giving them a gadget that’s intended solely for reading will send a clear signal that technology is neither good nor bad in and of itself – it’s only as good as what we use it for. And reading is great!


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