The Beloved

The Beloved Prophet

An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme

Zaahied Sallie


115 pages / Published: 2020

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Embedded in every civilisation is a poetic history of its people. The stanzaic, metric, rhythmical structure has shaped, ordered, and re-ordered our understanding of humanity since the beginning of language. Many biographers have written about Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, but none have employed this literary device to relate his story in detail.

The Beloved Prophet: An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme is a story overflowing with emotion and sentiment, presented in the most compressed literary style. This is not the only element that sets this unique biography apart. Combined with these verses are beautiful hand-drawn artwork that further animates the spirit of this profound story. The book comprises of fifty-two chapters, each with its corresponding artwork, 624 stanzas and 2,496 verses to delight a variety of palates ranging from the young to the old.


Zaahied Sallie


South Africa


After many years in the corporate world, Zaahied Sallie decided to pursue his passion and dream of becoming a writer. Being the son of a writer and husband of a linguist made the migration easier but no less daunting. He founded Red Kufi Books, a small independent publishing house based in Cape Town, South Africa. Zaahied co-authored his first children's picture book, We Love to Play Pray, with his wife, Nurah Tape, in 2016. The Beloved Prophet - An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme is his solo debut works.

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"Innovative and engaging; making it a book for younger and older readers alike!"

2022-03-18 09:26:17

I was extremely excited to hear about this book! I’ve never read anything quite like it. It’s such a crafty way of encapsulating the entire Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ and making it extremely engaging for a myriad of readers. The amazing illustrations are an added bonus! Well done to both Zaahied and Nurah. Can’t wait to read what comes next.

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" "BRILLIANT! Life of the Prophet in rhyme""

2021-11-29 14:30:50

What can I say. I have never read a seerah of the prophet in rhyme before and this book took my breath away. This book is really something to behold and the illustrations compliment the book beautifully . A real gem! One of my favourites.

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"WOW! A MUST HAVE for any family library"

2021-08-16 20:51:36

I am absolutely stunned how well this whole book turned out. It should cost $100! The illustrations, the details, the length, the rhymes. It's a true masterpiece. Every night I've been reading 1-2 pages with my kids (ages 4 and 6). The 6 year old in particular really loves it, and never wants me to stop. A true treasure for any family's library - and a perfect gift for others.

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"Excellent Sira rhymed narration and artwork"

2021-08-15 21:47:23

The story behind this work is such an amazing one. The author and his team refused to go print with anything short of marvelous. A journey that took them over four years. While nothing we will do or say will give our prophet SWT enough gratitude, this book is a great effort to do so. The artwork is amazing and words tell the story in such a wonderful way stopping at key sira events. It's a great addition to the library whether personal or scholar.

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"Amazing Seerah in Poetry"

2021-07-28 02:03:01

I just started reading the book and am blown away! The author captured the essence of each event and put it so succinctly in poetry. I would highly recommend this book to every Muslim, young and old!

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